The College Kid's Guide To Student Credit Cards

The College Kid's Guide To Student Credit Cards

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College is where many of us get to enjoy our first taste of freedom and living pretty much in the manner that we desire. It is also the time where we get our first taste of the power of credit cards. Being new to financial freedom and its responsibilities, college kids are easily vulnerable to the enticements of credit card advertisements and decide to apply and begin using college credit cards for all the wrong reasons. Unwise spending and incorrect payment methods of course lead to accumulated interest charges that can end up being very costly. Misuse of student credit cards can seriously damage credit rating. Later on in life, you may be turned down for employment or be denied a loan to buy a new car or home. More seriously, your debts can add up that by the time you finish college youa€™re way in too deep in debt without any means of paying it off. A college credit card can be beneficial, but only if the college student remembers to use it correctly at all times. Student credit cards work the same way as any other credit card; they are loans that need to be paid back so responsible use is key to success. This credit card book is a guide to the young college student as well as to parents who are thinking about getting student credit cards. There are valuable tips and info on how to choose the right student credit card and how to use it as a financial tool to build good credit history which is necessary for adult life and to handle money properly which is essential for budgeting and living a debt free life.Get Valuable Credit Card Tips On How To Use Credit Card For Students So You Can Build Good Credit And Develop ... ThEmrEmiN• juN•t tE¾E¾much, tE¾E¾ fast, Ednd NƒE¾ua#39;rEm busy withE¾thEmr things, likEmjuN•t gEmtting thrE¾ugh thE¾N•Em lEdN•t fEmw mE¾nthN• E¾f school.

Title:The College Kid's Guide To Student Credit Cards
Author:Tony U. Boyle
Publisher:KMSPublishing -


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