The Cockroach Combat Manual II

The Cockroach Combat Manual II

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In the early 1980s, the author and his associates were evaluating a new cockroach control product in a high-rise housing project. Cockroach populations were high, even though the apartment they were in was squeaky clean. The three small children that shared a twin bed there looked different, but no one was sure why. Dr. Frishman pointed out that they didn't have any eyebrows or lashes, and then he exposed thousands of roaches hiding behind the headboard. Some things you never forget. Having Paul Bello, an industry expert himself with years of practical experience, team up with Dr. Cockroach makes The Cockroach Combat Manual II a must-read because cockroach control is deserving of our best efforts.Prescription TreatmentAr brand AlpineAr Cockroach Gel Bait Prescription TreatmentAr brand AlpineAr Cockroach Gel Bait uses a ... Alpine formulations contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a nonrepellent active that the U.S. Environmentalanbsp;...

Title:The Cockroach Combat Manual II
Author:Dr. Austin M. Frishman & Paul J. Bello
Publisher:Author House - 2013-10


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