The Climate Fix

The Climate Fix

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Why has the world been unable to address global warming? Science policy expert Roger Pielke, Jr., says ita€™s not the fault of those who reject the Kyoto Protocol, but those who support it, and the magical thinking that the agreement represents. In The Climate Fix, Pielke offers a way to repair climate policy, shifting the debate away from meaningless targets and toward a revolution in how the worlda€™s economy is powered, while de-fanging the venomous politics surrounding the crisis. The debate on global warming has lost none of its power to polarize and provoke in a haze of partisan vitriol. The Climate Fix will bring something new to the discussions: a commonsense perspective and practical actions better than any offered so far.The rising water prompts concern that the tub will overflow, flooding your house and causing damage. Fortunately, there is a hole at the bottom of the tub that is allowing water to drain out of the tub. But unfortunately, this will only put off for aanbsp;...

Title:The Climate Fix
Author:Roger Pielke
Publisher:Basic Books - 2010


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