The Christmas Bridge

The Christmas Bridge

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The Christmas Bridge is the most important statement to ever be made on the nature of holidays and adulthood and giant bridges that have Christmas themes and decorations and activities. It's 2020, and These United States of America has undergone a dramatic series of changes in the four years since the election of Bruce Willis as President. The flying car is now the one, true future of airborne leisure and transportation, making the need for airplanes, traditional bridges, and all forms of ground-based travel irrelevant. Bigger than the logistical and metric-based changes of this strange new world are the extreme holiday-based initiatives, which include the outlawing of none other than Christmas Day. When a charismatic life drifter and a one-time actoring icon are tasked by Santa Claus himself to build a 200-mile long haven for those who still want some Christmas to happen, people's souls get healed or whatever. You can tell how timeless the story is because it takes place precisely in 2020.... who did all their hating, lost his talking voice in mid-2014, Jesi thought about how sad that was when it happened and ... now and how Nicka#39;s rich guy technology friend had programmed his ePad to read anything Nick had typed out loud.

Title:The Christmas Bridge
Author:Brian Spaeth
Publisher:Brian Spaeth - 2010-09-26


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