The Chosen One

The Chosen One

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If youa€™ve ever wondered what Mary of Nazareth was like as a child, here is her story. She must have been an extraordinary little girl for God to reach down and choose her to fulfi ll the ancient prophecy about a virgin that would bear a son, Jesusa€”the only son of God. Here is the story of Mary, the little girl from a normal, humble family in the area of Galilee. She lived in the little village of Nazareth. Her life was simple and ordinary. Her household was fulla€”with parents and grandparents, two big brothers and a haughty, gorgeous older sister. Mary delighted in everyday life and found joy and excitement in a humdrum existence. She had no idea what was in store for her life. Th ere was no clue that this seemingly unremarkable young girl would experience a grand adventure worthy of history books. She was set in place and time to be chosen by God Himself to become the mother of the Savior of the world.interspersed to form the pictures or decorative bands. Mary heard a#39;72 threads ... Youa#39;ll learn the secrets ofhowto make vibrant dyesof royal colors. Trust us. We will bring ... The girls were taught how to use the giant loom.Shuttles had totraverseanbsp;...

Title:The Chosen One
Author:Connie Leonard Geron
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-12-12


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