The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie

The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie

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Detective Masuto reopens an investigation into a murderous film stara€”with deadly consequences On the day that Eve Mackenzie murders her husband, Masao Masuto is on a plane to Japan. For years he and his wife, both American-born Japanese, have dreamed of visiting their homeland, and though the trip is a delight, the Zen Buddhist detective cannot help but check the international papers for news of murder on his home turf of Beverly Hills. Part of him regrets missing the sensational Mackenzie killing. Once a high-profile film star, Eve faded from the public eye after wedding a wealthy Scotsmana€”an unhappy marriage that ended in bloodshed. When Masuto returns home, Eve is headed toward an inevitable conviction. Why, then, does he reopen the case? The evidence against the Hollywood starlet is so airtight that Masuto suspects a frame-up. As he pries into the closed case, more blood spills. Eve Mackenzie may not have murdered her husband, but she is far from innocent. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Howard Fast including rare photos from the authora€™s estate.I opened it.Itwas the oldfashioned kind of fuse box, not circuit breakers, and there were notations for each fuse.Butthe fusenext ... The purpose of afuseisto limit the amount of electricity thatcan bedrawn overa single circuit. Whenthe electricalanbsp;...

Title:The Case of the Murdered Mackenzie
Author:Howard Fast
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2011-12-20


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