The Case of the Greedy Goat

The Case of the Greedy Goat

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The Case of the Greedy Goat is the seventh story in the Private Investigators Club series. If you have read the introductions to the other stories in the series, you will appreciate the fact that the young detectives like solving mysteries. The story starts with Tommy reporting that he has received an invitation for the club members to have a holiday at Mr. Ja€™s cottage in return for helping him open it for the summer. With some difficulty he leads them through the formal procedures to accept the invitation. They are driven to Chaffeya€™s Lock and taken by boat to a remote cottage on Scott Island. While working on the task of getting the water system working, their cell phones mysteriously disappear. Mr. J suspects the Greedy Goat has eaten them. The story continues as the detectives search for their phones, assist with some difficult maintenance tasks and have a few adventures. They fear that Mr. J has flipped and try, unsuccessfully, to escape. Luckily, it all works out in the end. The stories in the Private Investigators Club series are a€œreadersa€ for students of age eight or older. People of any age who are learning English as a Second Language may find them entertaining and educational. This story explains the Canadian obsession with lakes and cottages, providing insight into some of the joys and frustrations of owning a cottage. After each chapter, there is a list of definitions of those words used for the first time and a lesson that explores the situation in the chapter. Some questions are suitable discussion topics, others require using the Internet. Answers are provided so you can determine whether or not you really understand what is going on. There are many jokes or humorous situations in the story. Because some readers will not get the joke, a chapter titled a€œHumor Explaineda€ identifies what the author is trying to do with the amusing sections.See A Honda Water pump costs $429.00 or $484.77 with sales tax. ... See http://www.rideauinfo .com/canal/paddling/watson-paddling-guide-06.html. The area it covers is 4500anbsp;...

Title:The Case of the Greedy Goat
Author:William Jenkins
Publisher:Your ESL Story Publishers Ltd. - 2013-11-30


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