The Case of the Empty Tomb

The Case of the Empty Tomb

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All Tribune Claudius Maximus wanted to do was to return to Rome, but he has been banished by the Emperor himself. Then comes an opportunity for Maximus to redeem himself in the eyes of Rome. It began as a routine investigation, but turned into the greatest mystery in the annals of mankind. In The Case of the Empty Tomb, Maximus encounters political intrigue and Jewish mysticism as he attempts to uncover the truth behind the missing messiah. What is the secret Pontius Pilate and Harod Antipas share? Who is Mary Magdalene, and where are the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth? What did the guards at the tomb witness that they are willing to kill Maximus? To Claudius Maximus one thing is clear, qThey know something-all of them do and I am going to find out what it is.q But it may prove more dangerous than he realizes, for as his superior warns him, qYou cannot go up against these people, Maximus. They are too powerful.q Will Maximus fulfill his duty and win the Emperor's favour so he might return to Rome, or will the entire matter prove his undoing?Rome sat at the very heart of her Empire that reached to Britain in the north, Cyrene on the coast of Africa, Cadiz in Spain ... All of this trade was made possible by Roman law and order which kept the peace, and by the excellent road system the Roman engineering corps provided. ... It was there I went to find some answers.

Title:The Case of the Empty Tomb
Author:Stephen Gaspar
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-04


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