The Caravan of Love

The Caravan of Love

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Ita€™s the winter of 2003. Annie and Tom have itchy feet. Living and dying in the same small area of Newcastle, England, and never seeing any other part of the world doesna€™t appeal to them one bit. But where, on this great big planet, would they be happy? New Zealand or Australia: too far away. Scotland or Yorkshire: not far enough. Spain or France: Too dumb to learn a language! So when Tom is offered a position as a tattoo artist, working in a brand new studio in Cork city, Ireland, the decision is made and their adventure unfolds. Travelling by ferry in their trusty camper van Tom is first to arrive. While he is getting settled into his new job and looking for somewhere to live, Annie is up the walls dealing with everything back in Newcastle. One sunny morning in July Annie waves goodbye to family, friends and the place shea€™s called home since the day she was born, and sets off for her new life in Ireland with Tom and their three sons: seventeen-year-old Jack, sixteen-year-old Jamie and Robin who is seven. Each member of the family shares a different level of excitement and enthusiasm as they settle into the mouse and ant infested bungalow they rent from a local farmer for a year. Eventually their goal is in sight when they spot their dream house: an almost derelict farmhouse in the beautiful countryside of West Cork. With no building experience, some very laid back local tradesmen and a budget about half of what they need to complete the work, they begin the renovation. The building schedule goes nowhere according to plan and family life is strained to say the least. Have Annie and Tom made the biggest mistake of their lives, uprooting their whole family only to end up living in a dilapidated caravan in the middle of building site? Or, will their dream of a self-sufficient existence in their beautiful country farmhouse materialise. Read Anniea€™s journal and experience the laughter, the tears and the many nervous breakdowns that ensue as the familya€™s re-location story unfolds.I had to stay off work today as I couldna#39;t get in touch with the mechanic who is supposed to fix the Corsa for me. It will be my new/old form of transport. ... Tom bought me an iPod Nano for Christmas. Ita#39;s savage. I cana#39;t wait for Jack to put all myanbsp;...

Title:The Caravan of Love
Author:Annie Lancaster
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2015-07-27


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