The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration

The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration

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Demonstrating not only how to write for orchestra but also how to understand and enjoy a score, The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration is a theoretical and practical guide to instrumentation and orchestration for scholars, professionals and enthusiasts. With detailed information on all the instruments of the orchestra, both past and present, it combines discussion of both traditional and modern playing techniques to give the most complete overview of the subject. It contains fifty reduced scores to be re-orchestrated and a wide range of exercises, which clarify complex subjects such as multiple stops on stringed instruments, harmonics and trombone glissandi. Systematic analysis reveals the orchestration techniques used in original scores, including seven twentieth-century compositions. This Guide also includes tables and lists for quick reference, providing the ranges of commonly used instruments and the musical names and terminology used in English, German, Italian and French.Quijada (jawbone) An African instrument consisting of the skeletal lower jawbone of a donkey or a zebra, the teeth of which sit loosely in their beds. A light hit on the outer edge of the jawbone makes a short rattling sound with the teeth.

Title:The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration
Author:Ertuğrul Sevsay
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2013-04-25


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