The Button Boy

The Button Boy

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By 2029, the effects of global warming and the depletion of oil had drastically reduced the world's population. Then an unforgiving winter storm arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Through that period of unrelenting winds and sub-zero temperatures, the few survivors formed together in 'families' for protection. Their plight is made even more difficult by a military patrol assigned to guard the last gasoline reserves on the west coast. This is the story of a young boy that unites two families together to fight back against the tyranny of these soldiers.He knew he was running out of time and pulled frantically at the pipe, pushing and pulling with as much force as he ... Pulling back the tarp, James was rewarded by the sight of a camouflaged single-seat ATV that looked like it had seen a ... Amazingly, the key was in the ignition, but James knew the battery would be dead.

Title:The Button Boy
Author:Lawrence Kadow
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-03-18


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