The Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles

The Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles

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This book is a study of the life and most important extant work of Rog Bande Sherab, also known as Rogben (1166-1244). Rogben devoted his life to collecting important textual cycles and meditation techniques. Rogben's most important work, The Lamp of the Teachings, cuts across the genres of history, doctrinal studies, and doxography. It is one of the earliest philosophically robust explanations of the 'nine vehicle' system of the Ancient or Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.These are preserved in Zhi byed snga bar phyi gsum gyi skor, vol. 2. Rten nea#39;s biography states that he divided the a€œblack teachingsa€ (nag khrid) of his master Spa tshab into four parts: (1) the oral transmissions (bkaa#39; babs), (2) the stainless ( drianbsp;...

Title:The Buddha's Doctrine and the Nine Vehicles
Author:José Ignacio Cabezón, Jose Ignacio Cabezon
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2013-01-31


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