The Bride of Annwn

The Bride of Annwn

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At midnight, a bride enters a Manhattan bar. She's invisible to all except Tristan McGrath, whom she approaches and asks why he abandoned her at the altar. He's never seen her before, but feels a powerful connection between them. Before he can sort this out, however, two sinister, supernatural figures attack them. Tristan and the bride fight them off and flee, but once outside, a strange, unseen force drags the bride down into the depths of the subway.Tristan follows her down below. He finds only a dying homeless man with a magic belt that's somehow related to this mystery, and a portal that leads into a world that seems just like our own, but is rich with the stuff of faerie tales, both the wondrous and the horrific. There he discovers a terrible danger that threatens not just this other world, but our ownAca‚nAband only he can stop it.Arlow gave the man the change in his pocket, which wasna#39;t much, and tapped the mana#39;s shoulder with the car antenna, as if he were dubbing him a knight. Tristan also gave what change he had. aquot;How do we find a fey musician?aquot; Tristan askedanbsp;...

Title:The Bride of Annwn
Author:Von Raven - 2010-02-14


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