The Brain as a Computer

The Brain as a Computer

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The Brain as a Computer, Second Edition is a 14-chapter book that outlines the principles of cybernetics in relation to behavior, from the perspective of experimental psychology and neurophysiology. This book begins by describing the main ideas of cybernetics. Subsequent chapters explore cybernetic models, with emphasis on finite automata, and particularly finite automata in logical net form, which seem especially useful to the modeling of behavior. Other chapters summarize learning theory, neurological matters, thinking, perception, and artificial intelligence.In the dark the steering is continuously rotated by the steering motor (the other effector) so that the photo-cell scans steadily. The scanning ... The other receptor is a ring-and-stick limit switch attached to the shell, which is rubber-suspended. When the shell ... the limit switch. This connects the output of the central nervous amplifier back to its input through a capacitor so that it is turned into a multivibrator.

Title:The Brain as a Computer
Author:F. H. George
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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