The Book of Lilith

The Book of Lilith

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qThe book of Lilith tells the real story of creation. Lilith is the first human to be given a soul by God following a thirteen billion year process of mechanical, soulless evolution. Her job is to give souls to all things and awaken them to the Watcher that watches the watcher, watching the world. The first person she grants a soul to is Adam, who is given a job of his own: to invent the definition of sin, create a moral sense in a world that utterly lacks one, and hence bring about the rule of law in a compassionate society. Unfortunately, Adam has a hard time accepting the fact that he was given his soul second, instead of first, and by Lilith, not God. The conflict this engenders leads to the destruction of Eden, the creation of Eve, and a voyage of self-discovery that spans a worldq--P. [4] of cover.aquot;The book of Lilith tells the real story of creation.

Title:The Book of Lilith
Author:Robert G. Brown - 2007-07-01


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