The Book Marketing Plan

The Book Marketing Plan

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Once upon a time there was a city made of gold. Every day the people of this city wea€™re building magnificent architecture, skyscrapers, and wonders of our modern world. One day this city could boast of the only seven star hotel, host the annual richest horse race in the world, the tallest building, and even a man made island, that can be seen from outer space. Because of this celebrities would flock from all over the world to visit, and the New York Times published an article saying: a€œDubai has become the kind of city where you might run into Michael Jordan at the Buddha Bar or stumble across Naomi Campbell celebrating her birthday with a multi day bash.a€ Because of that, the most sought after, wealthiest, and best customers in the world, including more celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Giorgio Armani, and many more. Would travel from far and distant lands to bring their gold to this city. Until finally, the city of Dubai, was featured in a Rory McIlroy and Omega watch commercial, with the soundtrack of Hall of Fame, by The Script, and featuring The first reason I share this story with you, is not because we were recently interviewed for a TV show in Dubai. Instead, ita€™s to point out that you too can build a group of customers, fans, and people eagerly seeking you out to give you their gold. Just like the great city of Dubai. Next, look at everything this city has done to attract the wealthiest customers in the world. You see, the big piles of gold for every author, arena€™t simply in the few dollars in book royalties. Instead, ita€™s in providing more value to the market in the form of speaking engagements, coaching, writing more books, consulting, selling products and services, the skya€™s the limit. Therea€™s three parts to this book, in the first wea€™ll discuss the foundation of effective marketing. Along with making your book attractive to the wealthiest customers in the world. In the second part, we go step by step through the six automatic sales funnels. This includes: YouTube videos, social media, articles, email marketing, building your fan club, distribution avenues, and much more. This is how we manufacture the Oprah effect for your book. And guarantee that youa€™ve got royalty payments hitting your bank account, as often as LeBron James makes jump shots. In the third and final section, we discuss advanced marketing strategies, and dive deep into how exactly to earn maximum ROI, return on investment, from your book. Now, Ia€™ve been working with marketing full time since 2006, and have earned millions of dollars. You may have even seen me on national TV in my own commercial, appearing on ESPN, NatGeo, Comedy Central, MTV, VH-1, AaE, and many more. I only share this with you, so you know, we aina€™t blowing hot air over here. Marketing is my trade, skill, and lifea€™s work. Warning Yes, a warning this is not a book for wantreprenuers, excuse makers, or those desperate to just think positively and have checks magically appear in the mailbox. This is a blunt revelation of how exactly to make your book become a best seller. And as the late great Earn Nightingale said our rewards in life are in direct proportion to the amount of service we provide. In this spirit wea€™ve created a number of bonus gifts for you. The first includes a training course with videos, were youa€™ll get a behind the scenes look at precisely how to deploy these book marketing weapons. And for the first 100 people that sign up at, and join our congregation. Wea€™ve created two extra special bonuses with a retail value of $197.00. This includes personal one on one help with me, full details inside.And youa#39;ll see returns, because they do sell books here, as well. 6. Audio BOOk If youa#39;ve yet to discover the new Amazon platform,, now is the time. This is publishing you book in spoken word audio format, so your reader cananbsp;...

Title:The Book Marketing Plan
Author:Dan Moskel
Publisher:Dan Moskel - 2014-10-30


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