The Bondsmen: Murder on the Run

The Bondsmen: Murder on the Run

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qRyan McKenzie tentatively stepped down the creaky basement stairs, wishing he had thought to claim the upstairs. He could hear his partner, fellow bondsmen and childhood friend, checking the upstairs, his footsteps cautiously avoiding any rotten floorboards. Ryan and Jack had wanted action since they were young, growing up in a small Midwestern town did not quench their thirst for excitement. They enlisted together and after two years of uneventful army service, the two continued their search for the life of real action heroes. They started a Bondsmen's Agency together, hoping to catch the bad guy, get the girl and craft the perfect happy ending. Ryan was sure that his happy ending did not exist down these stairs. The dark, dank basement loomed before him, and he could not shake the feeling that something was terribly wrong. The case file for this particular felon read like most others, and all signs pointed to the fact that he had deserted this house long ago, knowing the bounty hunters would look for him here, but something was amiss. Ryan's fear grew with every step he descended, until he reached the bottom and faced the ultimate horror of horrors. What kind of villain could do such a thing?qItwas timeto retreatforawhile andcome up with a new plan. Where could he go ... Frankhad been walking downthe street and although hehadfound a car thatwas left unlocked, he realizedthathe did notknow how to hotwire a car.The best ideaanbsp;...

Title:The Bondsmen: Murder on the Run
Author:Joshua Hartzell
Publisher:America Star Books - 2011-11-09


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