The Blood of Losers

The Blood of Losers

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Denny Hargrave is a police crime scene technician with a problem. Every night, he drives the same decaying urban streets, photographing the dead and dying, fingerprinting murder scenes, and making diagrams of the slaughter. Lately, Denny has noticed that even the living appear to be dead. As Hargrave's strange world grows even stranger, he finds that only the old movie stars on his television seem really alive anymore. As the dead struggle for more of his time and attention, Denny fights a losing battle with madness.Hargrave switched off the dome light and pushed the gooseneck keyboard lamp down toward the floor. There were two people in the pickup. The headlights went out as the driver pulled into the space just on the other side of the cleaning ladya#39;s white Ford. Hargrave ... a€œ...developed one partial footwear impression inbound on the public side of the main service countertop. ... The brake lights had glared against the factory wall behind him, and the woman clutched her shirt to her breast.

Title:The Blood of Losers
Author:Dean Garrison
Publisher:Aventine Press - 2004-01-01


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