The Black Book of Sales Secrets

The Black Book of Sales Secrets

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The Black Book of Sales Secrets by Tony Durso - Contains Techniques and Drills to Get Others Interested in Your Products and Services Like Magic - This book contains the most important sales, marketing, and networking techniques to make you more successful in virtually any endeavor. The Black Book of Sales Secrets also contains training drills that, when practiced, will teach you how to interest any person in anything-with no exception. The use of this book will help you stand out among the rest. - If you are looking for a job, starting a new business, maintaining an existing business, launching a new career; if you want to climb up that corporate ladder and achieve a higher position of value and worth in your company; if you are a celebrity, a politician, an entertainment personality, an author; or if you just want to do a better job at your company and increase your productivity, then this book is for you!Done correctly, the other person will have a stronger desire for the product or service that was taken away. You will see ... If there were only one car for a town, do you agree that the demand for that one car would become very high? Would thatanbsp;...

Title:The Black Book of Sales Secrets
Author:Tony Durso
Publisher:Trent Weston Publishers - 2010-09-01


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