The Biosphere

The Biosphere

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qVladimir Vernadsky was a brilliant and prescient scholar-a true scientific visionary who saw the deep connections between life on Earth and the rest of the planet and understood the profound implications for life as a cosmic phenomenon.q -DAVID H. GRINSPOON, AUTHOR OF VENUS REVEALED qThe Biosphere should be required reading for all entry level students in earth and planetary sciences.q -ERIC D. SCHNEIDER, AUTHOR OF INTO THE COOL: THE NEW THERMODYNAMICS OF CREATIVE DESTRUCTIONUsing the theoretical Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, one may plot lines of constant stellar radius against an ordinate axis of ... elements. given preliminary discussion, namely: 1. the peculiar positions of the THE BIOSPHERE IN THE COSMOS.

Title:The Biosphere
Author:Vladimir I. Vernadsky
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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