The Big Lie

The Big Lie

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Marketing needs a 21st century update. Today's consumers are fundamentally different - they think of themselves as more sophisticated, smarter, more original than previous generations. But, in truth, they are human - they still need the validation of the crowd, still want to fit in. They want to uniquely belong. This creates a 'duplexity' - a projected persona versus an inner monologue. Nobody is totally honest or self-aware all the time. Marketers now have to respect what consumers say aloud, while simultaneously delivering them the products and services they inwardly demand. This is the theme explored by Future Foundation, the leading global independent consumer trends and insight consultancy, in The Big Lie, recently awarded Marketing Book of the Year 2014 by Expert Marketer Magazine. Packed with real examples, insight and practical applications, The Big Lie can lead to better business strategies and is a must for any professional who puts the consumer at the heart of their business. It is about ultimate consumer truths. A short video and free sample chapter are available at come they say they care about something but do not buy the product that would really do the caring for them? Why is it that even when you ... They like their old Ford Fusion but they have gotten a bit bored with it. But neither of them saysanbsp;...

Title:The Big Lie
Author:Future Foundation
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2013-08


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