The Bible Study Handbook

The Bible Study Handbook

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There are Bibles literally all over the place. You can find them in the drawer of the end table in your hotel room, under the pews at your local church, on the shelves of your local library or bookstore, posted in full and in multiple versions on any number of websites. You can find them in every corner of the earth, even (if you look carefully enough) in places where they're forbidden. So there's no trouble getting hold of a Bible. But once you have one in your hands . . . now what? The Scriptures tell us that the Word of God is living and active; what happens to us as we interact with it? In The Bible Study Handbook Lindsay Olesberg lays a foundation for why we read the Bible, what attitudes and expectations are most helpful as we enter into serious Bible study, and what methods and practices yield the most fruit. From foundational insights to best practices and hands-on exercises, you will find everything you need in this book to cultivate your curiosity, hone your attention and mine the applicabilities of whatever passage you find yourself in. And you'll be reminded of the insights, encouragement and even transformation waiting for people who commit to studying the Scriptures well together. A comprehensive guide for Bible students of every level of experience and spiritual maturity.(Previous to this, inductive Bible study was primarily associated with individuals studying in isolation.) ... we no longer have to type out whole books ofthe Bible. Online Bible sites and word processing software make it relatively simple to create manuscripts in less than ten minutes. ... 4 The second grouping (such as niv, GoodNews Bible and New Living Translation) are known as a€œfunctional equivalents.

Title:The Bible Study Handbook
Author:Lindsay Olesberg
Publisher:InterVarsity Press - 2012-08-02


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