The Bible Burners

The Bible Burners

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Professor Rapture Browne looked out at the world and didn't like what he saw. So he decided to change it. He started the 'Creative Power of the Universe' organization. He planned to replace the God of the ancient religions with his own deity which he judged to be more creditable. He looked upon the Bible as nothing more than synagogue 'snake-oil' and fantasyland hogwash. He planned to close down the churches, burn the Bibles, and put the clergy out of work. He and his organization go through what amounts to a religious war with the local church people. Chaos erupts in the streets of Psalm City. There are shootings, and kidnappings, and arson, and riots in the streets and in the parks and at the school grounds. The 'Great Cleansing' follows.a€œThe a#39;Joe Morris Flying Servicea#39; likes to have happy customers.a€ The professor nodded. He picked up their two suitcases, turned and with Danielle Blakely at his side walked toward the bright yellow colored Hummer H1. The professor smiledanbsp;...

Title:The Bible Burners
Author:Paul Peterson III
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-12-01


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