The Bialien Trilogy: Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved

The Bialien Trilogy: Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved

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New Science fiction, Space, Action, Adventure and Romance novel/comic book/video game series. ..q.The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who's abducted by benevolent aliens, bio-engineered to superhuman levels and sent back to Earth years later to stop an alien invasion...q -KIRKUS DISCOVERIES. IMAGINE discovering a UFO and then having to hide inside of it after the elite unit of the army chases you to it in an attempt to kill you. Imagine having an out of body experience and flying a very advanced spaceship by pure thought. Going against jetfighters and making a mockery of the United States Air force. Imagine having your nerves and senses connected with the ship and feeling what the ship does. Imagine traveling from Earth to Jupiter in 30 minutes and then exploring Jupiter's ice ocean moon Europa, what ocean aliens will you encounter? Imagine traveling towards our Sun at the speed of light and thinking you are going to die, only to have your molecules vaporized with the spaceship and transported in subspace through a system called Optic-warp. Imagine waking up on an alien planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that uses virtual worlds as a home city. Imagine meeting an Alien species 70, 000 years ahead of humans, what will they tell you? What will you ask them? What is their species history? How can humans learn from the alien's past mistakes? Imagine learning Earth is about to be silently attacked by a rival species who want to use our bodies as part of a top secret experimental weapon that can destroy all alien species in the universe; and you are the only one who can help stop this attack. Would you allow alien Nanotechnology to evolve your body to super human levels where you'll be able to: Run and jump like the Hulk, defy and control gravity, create gravity shockwaves, create advanced energy shields, evolve your brain to think and move in Nanoseconds, and create atom ripper projectiles. Would you be up for an adventure of a life time? BIAlien volume I (3 books) takes your imagination on a visionary roller coaster ride and keeps you entertained with well thought out characters, plot and detailed action scenes. Read more including the 9 professional book reviews, BIAlien Wikipedia and science behind the BIAlien series at the main www BIAlien com website. The next generation of Science Fiction has just begun. *PLEASE NOTE* qThe BIAlien Trilogyq is now called qBIAlien Seriesq and is a total of 12 books. This novel is: BOOK 1 RISE OF THE BIALIENSAPIEN: HUMAN EVOLVED PART 1q There are three parts/books to volume I. 1/3. ---------------------------------------------- There are over 45 illustrations and two animation videos for this Volume I series. BIAlien - (An alien of two worlds) Where fiction, science, religion and technology collide. Some of the topics BIAlien covers are: Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Exotic Matter, Nanotechnology, future green energy saving technologies, plasma fusion, string theory, quantum mechanics, future relationships, space exploring, new ways of traveling through space (optic-warp), UFO theories, government conspiracies, future government weapons, gravity manipulating and human body evolving. The series is broken down as follows: VOLUME I qRise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolvedq book 1 VOLUME I qRise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolvedq book 2 VOLUME I qRise of the BIAliensapien: Human Evolvedq book 3 VOLUME II qRevenge of the Darcloniansq book 4 VOLUME II qBellona's Rebellionq book 5 VOLUME II qGalactic wars q book 6 VOL III book 7, VOL III book 8, VOL III book 9 Spin offs: qAndromedian Chroniclesq mini-series. qThe original BIAlien, q qBellona's warsq ---------------------------------------------- Read synopsis, characters and more info about this exciting new novel series at the www . BIAlien . com weBellona was a name you came across in one of your 9th grade history books. She was a female warrior.a€ a€œHow do you know what was in my 9th grade history book? I cana#39;t even remember that.a€ a€œWe have many details that happened in your lifeanbsp;...

Title:The Bialien Trilogy: Rise of the Bialiensapien: Human Evolved
Author:Vlane Carter
Publisher:Vlane Carter - 2010-03-01


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