The Beauty of Fractals

The Beauty of Fractals

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Now approaching its tenth year, this hugely successful book presents an unusual attempt to publicise the field of Complex Dynamics. The text was originally conceived as a supplemented catalogue to the exhibition qFrontiers of Chaosq, seen in Europe and the United States, and describes the context and meaning of these fascinating images. A total of 184 illustrations - including 88 full-colour pictures of Julia sets - are suggestive of a coffee-table book. However, the invited contributions which round off the book lend the text the required formality. Benoit Mandelbrot gives a very personal account, in his idiosyncratic self-centred style, of his discovery of the fractals named after him and Adrien Douady explains the solved and unsolved problems relating to this amusingly complex set.But, instead of discussing the set M in the form I had been studying it, I defined in this paper an awkward surrogate, whose properties ... the notion of fractal, because its definition had involved a different example of the same uneasy a€” though thrilling a€“ coexistence of the varied threads of a scientific persona. In 1975, I coined the term fractal in order to be able to give a title to my first Essay on this topic.

Title:The Beauty of Fractals
Author:Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Peter H. Richter
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-12-01


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