The Bathrobe Millionaire

The Bathrobe Millionaire

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The role of instant millionaire is an elusive status often written and fantasized about but rarely achieved. In The Bathrobe Millionaire, author Jason Yelowitz tells his personal story of how he got rich overnight and realized his dream of swapping the corporate life for one of financial and emotional freedom. Peppered with humor, this memoir provides insights into the hazards and rewards of start-up businesses. Yelowitz shares his mistakes as an entrepreneur and the lessons learned, and he reveals his secret to financial success. He dispenses counterintuitive advice about what it takes to earn a lot of money and demonstrates these essential points: You shouldn't fall in love with your own business idea. Work and pay don't need to be derived from the same activity. It's best not to tell people about the business you're starting. Every start-up business should have a stop loss. It's better to start a business with less money rather than more. The concept of quit early, quit often makes sense. You should start a business alone, even if you need a partner. In The Bathrobe Millionaire, Yelowitz proves that the laws of business sometimes defy gravity.Furthermore, around the same time he offered me the job, my renewed deal with was just starting up. I figured it would take a month or two before I had any feedback from about whether the deal looked anbsp;...

Title:The Bathrobe Millionaire
Author:Jason Yelowitz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-05-01


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