The Barcode Murders

The Barcode Murders

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Private investigator Alan Swansea is back in action as he tracks down a cold-blooded serial killer who has suddenly resurfaced from obscurity. It's been a year since eight-year-old Chloe McPherson was abducted from the school playground and later found dead in the bottom of a ravine. Despite the efforts of the Columbus police to find her murderer, the case goes cold. Now it's up to Swansea to piece together the mystery surrounding Chloe's death and determine if a recent murder is somehow connected. Above all else, he wants to find out what kind of monster murders an innocent child for what appears to be no apparent reason.All he had to do was capture some of their festivities on film and this case would be history. He went into the garage, pressed the door opener and fired up the Honda Pilot. As he backed out of the driveway, he wondered how Greg Welleranbsp;...

Title:The Barcode Murders
Author:Scott Wittenburg - 2014-02-20


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