The Bank On Yourself Revolution

The Bank On Yourself Revolution

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Do you know what your retirement account will be worth on the day you plan to tap into it? Do you know what the tax rates will be for the rest of your life? Do you know what day you're going to die? Most people have no clue... and that's the problem with conventional financial planning: It's based on things you can't predict or control. Studies show that because they followed the conventional wisdom, almost half of all Boomers won't have enough money to cover even basic living expenses during their retirement years. Now, the financial gurus whose advice got you into this mess in the first place are telling you to qtake more risk, q qwork 'til you drop, q and qplan on spending less in retirement.q Hundreds of thousands have instead opted out of a system where the odds are stacked against you. This book reveals a proven step-by-step plan for becoming your own source of financing and growing your wealth safely and predictably every single year?even when the markets are tumbling. For everyone from young professionals paying back student loans and middle managers to those trying to protect their hard-earned wealth and retirees, Bank On Yourself is not a qget-rich-quickq scheme; it's about real wealth and financial security for as long as you live. Imagine finally knowing how much money you'll have next year, in 10, 20 or 30 years?and at every point along the way.Based on 2013a€“2014 tuition numbers, four years of undergrad education will cost $234, 000 at Boston University, $218, ... And costs keep rising as state legislatures, desperate to balance state budgets, are cutting funding and increasing tuition. In 2012, California cut funding to the statea#39;s higher education by 14.3 percent.

Title:The Bank On Yourself Revolution
Author:Pamela Yellen
Publisher:BenBella Books, Inc. - 2014-02-11


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