The Back Road

The Back Road

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Computers. You pay your bills on them, communicate through them, and keep your life in order by them. But what if the unexpected happened? What if all the computers suddenly stopped working? What would happen to the world's finances? Transportation? To you...?In the age of computer control, something has gone horribly wrong. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles lie wasted and silent. All of the US borders are closed, all means of transport have been seized, and the banks are closed, indefinitely. Life as America has known it has been deleted. The Back Road is so eerily close to what might be a reality that at times the reader is forced to stop, think, and wonder. The Back Road is a novel dealing with the complete brake down of worlds computer systems that control every aspect of modern life. Thrown suddenly upon their own intellectual and physical resources, without central control, humans seek survival by their own means, either in the dead cities or up the eerily deserted back roads.He was driving a black 1989 Jeep Cherokee. It was not new ... John was a Mechanical Designer, and did a lot of work for the companies that made computer chips. He had to find ways to change things over with out any loss of production.

Title:The Back Road
Author:Joseph Hughes - 2008-02-19


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