The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook

The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook

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a€œIf vitamin B12 deficiency is a concern, or you simply want to have a real understanding of this all too common issue, then there is only one book that you should buy. The Vitamin B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook is the authority on all such matters. It is written in a way that allows the layman to understand the issue, and provides the most comprehensive coverage of the topic available as far as I can tell. A must for anyone interested in this issue.a€ - David Turner, Could a lack of vitamin B12 be the reason you're so tired or stressed? What if you were told that something found in your diet could prevent memory loss, Alzheimer and heart disease? What if complex neurological problems, developmental delay in children and infertility in you or a loved one were due to the deficiency of an easily available nutrient? Those associations (and many more) aren't just speculations or proposed theories a€“ these theories have all risen up due to observations made by numerous people and have been proven by the help of research. That means they're not just theories - they're proven facts. This is what our new book is about a€“ B12. Time to de-construct the mystery behind this vitamin to small, manageable, easy-to-understand pieces. a€œVitamin B12 is the only nutrient not supplied by a vegan diet. Therefore when I saw Aqsa and Regev's book, I knew I had to read it. It's a great read full of bonafide references. I'm sure I could have found the majority of the information on the topic doing my own research online, but the time investment required would have been huge. Getting the book at a discounted rate just made it even better value.a€ - Andy Cowan, a€œThe B12 Deficiency Survival Handbooka€ is the direct result of hours and hours and hours of data-crunching, research papers and case studies, separating the junk from the real legit science. With plenty of specialist help and on the shoulders of giant scientists, we managed to create this resource and we're very confident it's going to solve all your B12 issues. Avoid Serious and Often Irreversible Damage B12 deficiency is not a joke, it can wreck havoc on your health. It's one of the most underrated yet destructive conditions relevant in the western society today, and early treatment can literally save your life. * Avoid or Treat Your Anemia * Avoid Irreversible Nervous and Brain Damage * Depressed? Get Your Happiness Back! * Have a LOT More Energy * Don't Lose Your Eyesight * Keep Your Hormones In Good Shape and Feel Like Wolverine * Avoid Ageing and Alzheimer * Have a Better Concentration and Memory * Protect Your Child From Autism and Developmental Abnormalities a€œThe B12 Deficiency Survival Handbooka€ Got You Covered. You'll Discover The Best Possible Solutions For Your Specific Deficiency. Guaranteed. Save a Huge Amount of Time and Money You would otherwise spend on future medical procedures, supplements or other unnecessary fluff. That's right, not buying this book will actually cost you MORE money. Can you afford that? You will also save a lot of time by learning how to avoid or treat this condition early on. Believe me, you don't want to find yourself spending weeks or months in a hospital. The earlier you treat it a€“ the less complicated it becomes. Anything Else? Definitely. Through the book you'll learn to understand: All Functions and Aspects of Vitamin B12 Where B12 Comes From The Best Natural Sources and Foods The Absorption Process of B12 How B12 Deficiency Is Treated How to Choose The Best Supplement for YOU Why People Become Deficient In B12 Very Similar Conditions That Are Easily Mistakable The Signs and Symptoms of a B12 Deficiency The Different Stages of B12 deficiency Get your hands on your book before it gets too late and you suffer irreversible nervous damage!That means theya#39;re not just theories - theya#39;re proven facts. This is what our new book is about a€“ B12.

Title:The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook
Author:Aqsa Ghazanfar, Regev Elya
Publisher:Createspace Independent Pub - 2014-01-06


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