The Autobiography of Frank M. James

The Autobiography of Frank M. James

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Autobiography of Frank M. James Prophet, Artist, Author, and Master craftsmen qThe Doctor said I only had about two weeks to live.q Jesus came to my bedside where I lay dying. He woke me out of my restless slumber in total agony and said to me, qI have chosen you. I prepared you and anointed you to be my prophet. Now write in a book that which I say unto you only, there is no room for your opinions.q I answered, qMy Lord, I am not worthy of such a high calling.q How can these things be accomplished? Since I only have a partial fourth grade education from a third world country and I speak with a strong accent?q qThese things shall not concern you, for I am with you every step of the way.q Through the pain and tears I typed ten words per minute, over sixty-four thousand words.I order a cash register from a trade magazine. Dr Fredrick Price wrote a book name Faith Foolishness or Presumption I believe all three is describing me perfectly. A friend named LC used to work with me at the shipyard as a carpenter. He nowanbsp;...

Title:The Autobiography of Frank M. James
Author:Frank M. James
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2007-10-01


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