The Astronomy Revolution

The Astronomy Revolution

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Some 400 years after the first known patent application for a telescope by Hans Lipperhey, The Astronomy Revolution: 400 Years of Exploring the Cosmos surveys the effects of this instrument and explores the questions that have arisen out of scientific research in astronomy and cosmology. Inspired by the international New Vision 400 conference held in Beijing in October 2008, this interdisciplinary volume brings together expanded and updated contributions from 26 esteemed conference speakers and invited others. Looking beyond questions of science to the role of moral responsibility in human civilizations, the book offers the unique vantage points of contributions from both Eastern and Western cultures. Extensively illustrated in full color, this book consists of six parts. Aimed at young scientists, the first part presents perspectives on creativity and technology in scientific discovery. In the second part, contributors examine how the telescope has impacted our knowledge of the Universea€”from the formation of galaxies to the death of stars. The third part of the book outlines some of the challenges we face in understanding dark matter, dark energy, black holes, and cosmic rays, and the fourth part discusses new technologies that will be useful in attacking new and unresolved questions. The fifth part of the book examines the intellectual impact that the telescope has had on society in China and in the West. The book concludes with an investigation of qbig questionsq: What is the origin of the laws of physics as we know them? Are these laws the same everywhere? How do these scientific laws relate to the moral laws of society? Does what we know depend on cultural ways of asking the questions? Is there life elsewhere? And what about the questions that science cannot answer? Celebrating the historical significance of the telescope, this unique book seeks to inspire all those involved or interested in the enterprise of astronomy as humankind continues the quest to unveil the heavens.... published very deep spectra that he obtained with I. S. Bowen using the Lick 36 in (91 cm) reflector for a number of bright PNe (Wyse, 1942). ... h 4GAd 4FAd 4DAd 4PAd 4SAd 4P 4D 4F 4G H [O ] 5007 245 265 225 205 10a€“20 10a€“21 10a€“22 10a€“23 ) 10a€“24 10a€“25 4S 185 1251150 ... Bottom left: Schematic Grotrian diagram of O ii, illustrating the O ii recombination line spectrum produced by recombination ofanbsp;...

Title:The Astronomy Revolution
Author:Donald G. York, Owen Gingerich, Shuang-Nan Zhang
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-11-28


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