The Arts of Truth

The Arts of Truth

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This book is a primer on critical thinking. Without it, the Internet is only a misinformation highway. The dark arts of untruthfulness are ubiquitous in 'official' information. The general techniques used to distort or misrepresent truth are conceptually explored, illustrated by dozens of examples covering a wide range of subjects. Does classroom size reduction improve education? Can tight oil shale provide US petroleum independence? Are eggs unhealthy? Does the Chevy Volt really get 60mpg-e? Is global warming a hoax or a crisis? The many thought provoking examples are entertaining as well as enlightening.The additional pumping energy has to be factored into the net energy, no different than EPA calculations of Chevy Volt battery mpg. This is a typical a#39; Maxwella#39;s demona#39; problem. In 1962 Richard Feynman calculated the classic example usinganbsp;...

Title:The Arts of Truth
Author:Rud Istvan
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2012-11-01


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