The Art of Strewing

The Art of Strewing

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Strewing can be as simple as buying a few toys. It can also be made complex like planning a trip or arranging a room in order to spark discussion and curiosity. No matter the difficulty, strewing involves three main things: 1. Knowing your child's interests and habits. 2. Finding interesting things you think they might like. 3. Placing those things in their path and letting them discover them. The Art of Strewing covers all the basics including how to strew non-physical things, creating a strewing environment, and how to remedy common problems.I would rotate the other tubs from time to time in order to keep the toys and activities fresh and new. ... The Kitchen Think about all the surface area (strewing area) there is in a kitchen! ... We leave a calendar on our fridge and I write in events and fun things going on in our community so that my kids can decide what would beanbsp;...

Title:The Art of Strewing
Author:Aadel Bussinger
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-05-08


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