The Art of College Teaching

The Art of College Teaching

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Teachers everywhere are confronted with a problem. Whether at a small liberal arts college, major research university, or some other institute of learning, instructors are continually challenged to create smart, effective pedagogical techniques in order to be efficient in the classroom.The Art of College Teaching is a first: twenty-eight insider essays about this process by distinguished and highly acclaimed teachers of note from across the curriculuma€”including eleven Carnegie national award winnersa€”grouped here to uncover common values, approaches, and even debates among todaya€™s educators.Rather than a a€œrulebooka€ for good teaching, Professors Marilyn Kallet and April Morgan have assembled a wide variety of practitioner lorea€”what successful teachers have learned to do well and what theya€™re still seeking to master. From the embarrassing to the inspirational, contributors take us inside their classrooms to explain the a€œlight-bulb momentsa€ that form the bases of their teaching philosophies, making this collection reader-friendly, often humorous, and very real.Contributors take up a broad range of subjects: setting boundaries with students; teaching as performance; the pros and cons of lecture versus a€œactivea€ learning; gaining studentsa€™ respect and keeping it; creativity in the classroom; encouraging diversity; and many others. The interdisciplinary approach allows for a stimulating mix of voices and kinds of expertise, from a€œtakes on teachinga€ by Nobel Prize Laureate James Buchanan to coaching strategies from champion ice-skating instructor Robert Unger.Theories about the a€œrighta€ way to teach abound, but like any art, teaching isna€™t easily defined by guidelines or prevailing wisdom. A narrative, experiential approach to one of our most rewarding and demanding disciplines, The Art of College Teaching is a book to be of use. It is a handbook of ideas that will empower new teachers and refresh those who have been in the trenches for years.After hearing Dr. Marilyn Kallet speak on this panel, I approached her with the idea to join forces on The Art of College ... what wea#39;ve come up with is not a book of rules on how to teach well but, instead, essays that discuss some things thatanbsp;...

Title:The Art of College Teaching
Author:Marilyn Kallet, April L. Morgan
Publisher:Univ. of Tennessee Press - 2005


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