The Art of Burglarizing Your Home

The Art of Burglarizing Your Home

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Born in Brockton, Massachusetts in the mid 30's. Quit school in the 10th grade and joined the Air Force. After being released under honorable conditions, he bummed around for several years before deciding to take up flying under the G.1. Bill. He wanted to be an airline pilot. In 1959, still a student pilot, he was making a flying trip, of several hundred miles, which was a requirement for his commercial license. During that trip, he got lost above an overcast sky. An American Airline pilot heard his distress call while in route to Buffalo N.Y. with 45 passengers aboard. The pilot turned his DC-6B aircraft around and went looking for the student. He found him and led him to safety. The next day, both pilots found themselves in the headlines of newspapers around the world. Stultz was fascinated with the news media taking pictures of him and American Airline pilot Capt. Walter P. Moran. Stultz thought to himself that news photographers see and record history in the making. A few weeks later, Mr. Stultz went out and bought a camera. On his way home from the store, he came across an auto accident where a woman was killed. He got out and photographed the scene and sold the pictures to a local newspaper. From that day on to today, Mr. Stultz does not go anywhere without his camera. He eventually worked his way up doing legal photography for attorneys and insurance companies. In 1967, Stultz took his wife and children and moved to Westminster, California. He became the official city photographer and did minor work for several police departments and the California Highway Patrol. According to one newspaper, they stated that Stultz was the most well known freelance photographer in southern California. A CHP Officer nicknamed him qAbel Guyq. The name stuck. From then on, most law enforcement agencies called him Abel Guy. In 1977, he and his family moved to the mid-west where he went to work for a security company. In the course of business, Stultz became very interested in burglaries. He photographed them and studied them and sort of became an unofficial expert on them. Many neighborhood associations invited him to speak at their meetings which he did free of charge. His main subject was burglaries followed by what a security officer can and cannot do in a neighborhood. The information in this book, qThe Art of Burglarizing Your Homeq plus other stuff, is a win win situation for any human being that lives in a house or an apartment. Mr. Stultz will soon be retiring and will be writing other books during his retired years to come.According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, every year there are over 26, 000 electrical home fires. ... the signs. for example, if you notice the lights flickering, or your making many trips to the circuit breaker to reset, or a sizzlinganbsp;...

Title:The Art of Burglarizing Your Home
Author:Capt. Guy Stultz
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-02-19


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