The Ancient Whisper

The Ancient Whisper

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The Ancient Whisper is the story of Ellen Andress and her family as they struggle to make sense of a horrible tragedy. They must go 'underground' to avoid repercussions from the fallout the tragedy creates. All of their possessions are confiscated and sold to purchase half of an old dilapidated horse farm called Ashwood Farms, located in the State of Virginia. All this comes about, with the help from Special FBI Agents Lenard and Gene, who arrange for Ellen's uncharacteristic new housing situation. With no money left to renovate the atrocious house, the abundance of fine antiques and collectable objects turn out to be an unexpected source of income, but it won't come soon enough. Ellen then embarks on the only way she knows that will generate what's needed quickly; enter the intriguing world of horseracing, wagering, and high-stakes betting. As the family rebuilds their lives, they find themselves embroiled in a tangled web of deceit and calamities as strange incidents begin to happen. Ellen questions everything, and wonders if it's the ghost of the original Mrs. Ashwood, she often imagines she hears her sigh. Is she whispering secrets to Ellen? Is she happy a family lives at Ashwood again? When her prized Thoroughbred is mysteriously murdered, Ellen attempts to contact Lenard and Gene, but she is unsuccessful. Ellen then contacts the FBI and the CIA, but they don't know who these suspicious 'Agents' are and she starts to panic. A genuine CIA team comes to protect them after the story unfolds, and it's soon clear that Ellen's son Jason is the next target.They said they would never break a#39;em or be able to train a#39;em but Old Miss Abigail sure did love a#39;em, though. She bought his mama and didna#39;t know she was in foal, so it was a surprise to all of us. He was born here. She used to ... Rosie runs into the barn to meet us and stops next to me, wags her tail, woofs once and nudges my hand as if wea#39;re old friends. However, my thoughts ... Since the house is over 100 years old, is it knob and tube wiring or was it upgraded through the years?

Title:The Ancient Whisper
Author:M. A. Appleby
Publisher:Author House - 2013-12


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