The Ancient Symbolism Within the Heart

The Ancient Symbolism Within the Heart

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Ever wondered why there is a Heart Symbol? The symbolism within the Heart is to be understood through the fundamental formulation of our language. How through our language we can see that it (the Heart Symbol) was created by our hunter gatherer/agrarian Ancestors from their thoughtful understanding of nature. This document explains in detail how it is that the Sun the Earth and attendant Moon were the primary reason for the Heart Symbol and perceived as the incunabula of everthing.The first diagram shows the ancient association of the Greek alt; chi-rho (XP) and gwnos time; the letter a#39;Xa#39; (Chi) is the ... hill) at the time of the equinox ( equilib_rium) during a time 1000a#39;s of years ago in the ancient a#39;Stone Agea#39; agt; _H- agr-i Ma. 4.

Title:The Ancient Symbolism Within the Heart
Author:Robin Pavitt
Publisher:Robin Pavitt - 2012-02-01


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