The Amphigeo Story

The Amphigeo Story

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Amphibious vehicles were some of the first self propelled vehicles ever created going all the way back to 1805. The only Factory produced amphibian was the Amphicar in the 60's. Just some of the facts about amphibians that are dispelled in qThe Amphigeo Story.q Today more than ever the world is ready for such a vehicle, one that you can drive around doing errands as well as tear down a boat ramp into the froth. The Amphigeo is for the masses, two thirds of the planet is covered in water, and 70% of the world's population lives on the water or very near. Why then should it be we have to own a boat and a car to take advantage of both mediums of transportation? Not anymore, Mark Roehrig has developed the simplest conversion ever conceived for putting a car into the water. His qAmphigeoq took just 5 months to build; his second would only take about 3 months, for now he knows all the secrets and shortcuts, which is exactly what prompted him to write qThe Amphigeo Story.q Now anyone can own an amphibious car, at the lowest price ever imagined, in fact the Amphigeo is just that, the world's best bargain in an amphibian. The Amphigeo makes use of many of the original parts, including engine, transmission, CV axles, steering, suspension, seats, dash, radiator, fans, fuel tank and more. This car has changed his life, everywhere he goes crowds gather, the press and TV has loved doing the story. But Mark will tell you none of that surpasses driving in the water, it is his ultimate reward, and after 2 years the Amphigeo's design has proved reliable. If you're ready for the experience of a lifetime, this books for you, you could build an Amphigeo or have one built, but owning one will definitely put an end to the everyday doldrums. Any car can drive into the water, only a good one can drive out again.SEE J ACKING AND SUPPORT INSTRUCTIONS IN REPAIR MANUAL. AND BE SAFE! Tools youa#39;ll going to need (the ones in bold youa#39;ll need now to complete this first task.) Haynes manual, or equivalent for the Geo Metro (DON a#39;T DARE GO anbsp;...

Title:The Amphigeo Story
Author:Mark Roehrig
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2002


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