The Affair: Week 5

The Affair: Week 5

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FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF WHEN Ia€™M WITH YOU AND BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE How much is too much? For a man and woman in love the question could come with a devastating price as New York Times bestselling author Beth Kerya€™s The Affair continuesa€b The Affair Week Five Emmaa€™s increasingly intense affair with Montand is illuminated when she discovers some revealing and unsettling secrets about his pasta€”about his hell-bent youth, about the tragic fate of his first wife, and about how cursed his seemingly blessed life really is. It leads Emma to wonder a€bwhat kind of man is she falling so dangerously in love with? Hea€™s dominating her world with luxuries shea€™s never dreamed of and introducing her to decadent sensual pleasures, but hea€™ll soon walk away. When does it go beyond an exquisite sexual control of her body, into a manipulation of her fragile emotions? Emma is an addiction Montand cana€™t resist, and hea€™s learning therea€™s no rest for his dark soul when theya€™re apart. At all costs, he must convince her to join him for wicked weeks of jeus sauvages on the French Riviera. Shea€™s promised him that shea€™s his, afterall, and Montand expects nothing short of total possession of her for their rapidly fading time together. Includes a bonus excerpt of Beth Kerya€™s Since I Saw You More to come. Don't miss The Affair: Week 6 Praise for Beth Kery, Recipient of the All About Romance Reader Poll for Best Erotica a€œWicked good storytelling.a€a€”Jaci Burton a€œAddictive and delicious.a€a€”USA Today Beth Kery is the New York Times bestselling author of Because You Are Mine, When Ia€™m with You and Exposed to You.Beth Kery. The Affair Serial WEEK ONE WEEK TWO WEEK THREE WEEK FOUR WEEK FIVE Because You Are Mine ... RESTRAINT PARADISE RULES RELEASE EXPLOSIVE One Night of Passion Series ADDICTED TO YOU ( WRITING ASanbsp;...

Title:The Affair: Week 5
Author:Beth Kery
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-10-14


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