The Adventures of Trouble, Duck and Big Dog

The Adventures of Trouble, Duck and Big Dog

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Trouble is one small doggie, but he causes some mighty big problems. And he thinks everyone knows his name, because wherever he goes, people say, There goes trouble He and his buddies, Duck and Big Dog, like to sneak out of their yards so they can go on adventures together. Have you ever seen three animals walk into a bank? Or make a mess in a junkyard? Or get lost in the snow on a very cold night? All these things and more happen in The Adventures Trouble, Duck and Big Dog. But Jimmy is always there to save the day. Jimmy is the teenage owner of Trouble and Duck. (Big Dog lives next door.) And, like Superman, Jimmy always shows up in the nick of time to save the troublesome trio. Although the three friends only want to experience more excitement than they can find in their own backyards, disaster always seems to follow them. However, their travails make for wonderful children's stories. Author Esther L. Mackey says these characters came to her one by one, so she decided to put them all together into one story. Since her retirement, she has wanted to write and publish good children's books. A lifelong resident of Joliet, Illinois, she is presently working on her next two books, Trouble, Duck and Big Dog Go Camping and Little Bear and Honey Bee. Publisher's website: http: // was an okay dog when he was out of his yard, so off we went, the three of us. We went in the other ... This place is called a junk yard because people leave all their old cars and trucks here that they dona#39;t want anymore. We ran and playedanbsp;...

Title:The Adventures of Trouble, Duck and Big Dog
Author:Esther L. Mackey
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2009-12


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