The Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors

The Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors

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Aimed at boatowners rather than experienced mechanics, The Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors is a boon to anyone who puts to sea with an outboard engine. Covering both 2 and 4 stroke engines, the book explains how even the most sophisticated of modern outboards use simple processes to convert fuel to power, and then looks at each of the sub-systems that allow those processes to take place: - the fuel system - the ignition system - cooling and lubrication - the electrical system - transmission and controls The book includes sections on routine maintenance and fault finding, and even has a photo sequence showing the vital first aid required to save the life of an outboard engine that has been dropped overboard! 'Explains in clear, jargon-free English how an outboard works and how to look after it' Kelvin Hughes 'An excellent book, well thought out and well written' Motorboats MonthlyAre the spark plugs fouled or defective? Clean and re-gap or replace spark plugs . Is it a manual start engine? Starter jammed or engine siezed Connect it! Are the plug leads wet or defective? Dry plug leads, and spray with water repellent.

Title:The Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors
Author:Tim Bartlett
Publisher:A&C Black - 2012-11-30


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