The 98 Percent

The 98 Percent "Every Damn Day" You Too Can Make Money!

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If you could convert $20 into $1, 000 dollars in a week, in a month a€“ would you change how you did things? The 98% - qEvery damn dayq we keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result - that is the very definition of insanity. It's time to learn how to safely make money and stop letting the rich have all the fun. We all seem to focus on the millionaires who were made in the boom era a few years back - but we fail to see the billions that were made in the years during the bust, during the recession. The reason people say that it takes money to make money is because - sadly they simply do not know any better. When I was a Realtor I was shown a simple yet basic method to make thousands of dollars with no money down and no money out of pocket. My family thought it was impossible - till I did it and proved them wrong. Now, I am doing the same thing again with new knowledge in a new field. A different, honest simple way that is making a change in my life and if you let it -possibly in your life as well. It's time to change, time to stop doing the same thing every damn day. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Not a qlet's make you an overnight millionaireq - this is a smart, sensible and simple way of changing your life using what is common knowledge to most successful rich people. It's all up to you to use a simple basic method to make it possible for you to make your dreams come true. Life is what you make of it - learn today how you can make it something my bedroom listening to the radio and all I heard was the radio announcer talking to people about the stock market. It was all over the news a€” the stock market had crashed and now all these people were on the radio talking about buyinganbsp;...

Title:The 98 Percent "Every Damn Day" You Too Can Make Money!
Author:Isaac Medina
Publisher:Isaac C. Medina - 2012-10-11


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