The 3Rs of George W. Bush

The 3Rs of George W. Bush

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No recent President has so divided the nation in his first term as has George W. Bush. Billing himself as a qUniter, q Mr. Bush has skirted Congress, played loose with the Constitution and made decisions that harm most of the people, while enriching the elite and corporations. He chose military hawks for Vice President and many cabinet posts. President Bush led the unsubstantiated charge to war on a nation that bore no blame for the destruction of the Trade Towers. He led gross exaggerations about the threat of Iraq to the US, depicting mushroom clouds and chemical weapons delivery capability. He squandered our ability to pursue Al Qaeda in order to remove Saddam Hussein, instead. President Bush has made the world a more dangerous place. He sacrificed the credibility and trust that most nations held toward the United States before his pre-emptive war on Iraq. Questions raised in this book: * Why, when the UN wanted Iraqi oil to help pay for the reconstruction of Iraq, did President Bush insist that US taxpayers pay the whole bill instead? * Why did President Bush protect US oil companies from any fault forever in their handling of Iraqi oil, just two months into the war? (Executive Order 13303, signed May 22, 2003) * Did the 9/11 Commission address the exodus of Saudis from the US three days after the destruction of the Trade Towers, when US air space was shut down to all other flights? * Should Energy planning under Cheney be kept secret from the American people who are affected by his decisions and pay his salary? Is there cronyism when he earns $36 million in 2000 from Halliburton, then as VP helps it win contracts worth billions? * Why do we strengthen bases for 130, 000 US troops in Iraq for years to come when we said we weren't going to be occupiers? * Are we supposed to feel safer now with the whole Muslim world angry at us for wrecking and then occupying an Arab country?Supporting A uto Fuel Inefficiency 10 Some believe America ought to lead the way, be an exemplar of auto-fuel efficiency. ... Mr. Bush refuse to call for 40 mpg cars and trucks, Americans are plunking down their hard- earned dollars for 15 mpg Chevy Silverados, Ford F150a#39;s and Dodge Rams. ... He also lets our health problems worsen rather than ask auto makers to design cleaner fuel burning cars now.

Title:The 3Rs of George W. Bush
Author:Lewis B. Smith
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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