The 15 Sins in Manufacturing Excellence

The 15 Sins in Manufacturing Excellence

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The 15 Sins in Manufacturing Excellence The Path To Overcome And Excel From the Authorsa€™ desk..... To achieve excellence in their chosen field is a common dream of most professionals a€“ including those in the manufacturing and service fields. But for most, this remains a dream. This is mainly because in todaya€™s competitive world, few people are selfless enough to share their success formula with industry brethren and the corporate world at large a€“ for fear of losing out on their own position in the marketplace. We have seen and heard of many fantastic ideas but unfortunately, very few great implementations. This book bridges that very gap between theory and execution. The 15 Sins in Manufacturing Excellence a€“ The Path to Overcome and Excel, is our Grand Recipe that has been meticulously developed a€“ based on our own a€˜learning cyclea€™ over many years of industry experience a€“ from grassroots to delivery of final end product and service. We a€˜learneda€™ how, where and when to apply what we felt worked best for companies and employees. Through this book, our intention is to just share with you our own humble, yet challenging experiences that working life has taken us through. This book rests in the premise that if you get your basics right, follow the guidelines outlined herein and overcome the 15 sins enumerated; you are bound to have a Holistice, Systems Approach Roadmap of Proven Strategies for Growth, Peak Performance and Consistently Improving Results a€“ with an added bonus of a checklist for your day-to-day operations! You will achieve Excellence in your Manufacturing Operations and exceed your own expectations...... Ita€™s as simple as that!! It is a MUST read book for all a€“ whether you are a fresh graduate entering the real world at large or someone who is already working in the industry a€“ including, inter alia, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Monitors, Executives, managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, presidents and even the COO or the CEO of the company a€“ in short, it encompasses every employee working for or running the organization. Thata€™s the implicit power of this book!! Thank you.The Path To Overcome And Excel Raghunath V. Reddy ... They are long term capacity planning, intermediate term aggregate planning and short term operational planning which includes MPSa€”master production schedule and shop flooranbsp;...

Title:The 15 Sins in Manufacturing Excellence
Author:Raghunath V. Reddy
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-04-05


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