The 10-Second Rule

The 10-Second Rule

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Learn how to answer Goda€™s call to action with this a€œwonderful, inspirational book that reinforces how one simple gesture, one small act of kindness, can make an enormous differencea€ (Laura Schroff, New York Times bestselling author of An Invisible Thread). FINDING YOUR WAY BACK TO FAITH Do you sometimes feel as if your faith has gone flat? Does your spiritual life feel listless and boring? Perhaps youa€™ve unconsciously drifted toward what Clare De Graaf calls beige Christianity. You go to church, attend a Bible study, and even volunteer, but therea€™s no spark anymorea€”no joy in your spiritual walk. You may not understand what is happening to your faith, but you do know that you long for something more. If you want to break out of this spiritual gerbil cage and begin living the adventure Jesus intends for you, the place to begin again is living by The 10-Second Rule: Just do the next thing youa€™re reasonably certain Jesus wants you to do (and do it within the next ten seconds before you change your mind!). The Rule is like a spiritual defibrillator! Just a few chapters in, youa€™ll begin to experience the excitement of making yourself available to God 24-7, and impacting the lives of everyone around you, even total strangers. All over the world, Christians just like you are returning to the simple faith of Jesus and living by the 10-Second Rule. In living by the Rule, youa€™ll rediscover the revolutionary power of simple obedience as Jesus taught it, the early church lived it, and before religious Christianity tamed it. Finally, a rule youa€™ll love keeping!You hope that youa€™ll do better next time . . . but will you? In this powerful book, youa€™ll discover a memorable, simple way to be attentive to the voice of God and courageously obedient to the promptings of the Spirit.

Title:The 10-Second Rule
Author:Clare De Graaf
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-02-05


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