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Eugene Narrett has been involved in some of the most turbulent and culture-shaping events of our era from the massive peace demonstrations and student uprisings of the late 1960s, to the art and film worlds in NYC and Boston, to the changing waters of postmodern Academia; to activism for fathers, true liberalism and for Israel. This Memoir organizes itself around traumatic experiences of bereavement and injustice and persistent hope. Shining through the punitive and shocking changes in his life and society, the narrative is suffused with reflections on creativity, regret and love: his love for his parent's place in Vermont, for the garden he created; for teaching; for the adventures and accomplishments of youth and, above all, for his son. This narrative is intriguing in its varied palette of events and dynamism; in its vividly evoked memories of special places, events and people; above all in the love for a child and home. The warmth of this love enfolds the loss and challenges. Thanksgiving is the tale of a creator and survivor. Read it for its glimpses of history, meditations on memory and trauma, and for its heart. qIn this fascinating and passionate memoir, Dr. Narrett, one of today's most original commentators on culture and literature describes his life through a series of vignettes which powerfully delineate the deep cultural changes of recent decades.q --- D. M. Lerner, PhDFields now white, a red house with white trim behind me where the cul de sac meets the main road. ... Hea#39;d be working in Massachusetts and living in or near North Street. Ita#39;s a modern world, cell phones, text messages, -- these things already are old hat, like this computer program, ... behind the a#39;three-seasona#39; porch into whose roof I had a large skylight emplaced (with a screen for cooling and fresh air inanbsp;...

Author:Eugene Narrett
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-12


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