Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics

Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics

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Solar energy will undoubtedly become a main source of energy in our life by the end of this century, but how big of a role will photovoltaics play in this new energy infrastructure? Besides cost and efficiency, there are other barriers for current solar cell technologies to become a noticeable source of energy in the future. Availability of raw materials, energy input, storage of solar electricity, and recycling of dead modules can all prevent or hinder a tangible impact by solar photovoltaics. This book is intended for readers with minimal technical background and aims to explore not only the fundamentals but also major issues in large-scale deployment of solar photovoltaics. Thought-provoking ideas to overcoming some of the barriers are discussed.27. 28. Haynes WM (2013) CRC handbook of chemistry and physics, 94th edn. ... Tech%20Brief%20E18%20Electricity-Storage.pdf U.S. Energy Information Administration (2011) Annual energy review. ... MRS Bull 32:808a€“820 Fujishima A, Honda K (1972) Electrochemical photolysis of water at a semiconductor electrode.

Title:Terawatt Solar Photovoltaics
Author:Meng Tao
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2014-04-07


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