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We live in a world where science and technology shape the global economy and everyday culture, where new biotechnologies are changing what we eat and how we can reproduce, and where email, mobiles and the internet have revolutionised the ways we communicate with each other and engage with the world outside us.Technoculture: The Key Concepts explores the power of scientific ideas, their impact on how we understand the natural world and how successive technological developments have influenced our attitudes to work, art, space, language and the human body. Throughout, the lively discussion of ideas is illustrated with provocative case studies - from biotech foods to life-support systems, from the Walkman and iPod to sex and cloning, from video games to military hardware. Designed to be both provocative and instructive, Technoculture: The Key Concepts outlines the place of science and technology in today's culture.When Applea#39;s iPod hit the market in 2001 it came with a sticker that said simply a#39; dona#39;t steal musica#39; but the status of ... Corporate interestsa#39; here comes down to the four major conglomerates who currently control global music production andanbsp;...

Author:Debra Benita Shaw
Publisher:Berg - 2008-07-01


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