Technical Analysis Trading Making Money With Charts

Technical Analysis Trading Making Money With Charts

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Technical analysis has always been looked upon as a rather complex and intricate discipline. On the one hand, the concepts that form the scaffolding for this study cannot be understood using common-sense and the terminology used sounds colourful but equally esoteric. Yet time and again, in hindsight and foresight too, technical analysis has proved its mettle, delivering good gains to those who apply it correctly. And to such people, no other form of analysis appeals as much anymore. Technical Analysis Trading-Making Money with Charts is a handy guide for beginners. It lucidly explains all the concepts that are relevant for beginners and skims over others that may not be so relevant for them at their stage of learning. More importantly, it takes a practical approach to this field of learning by offering numerous real-life illustrations from both the near and distant past. It encourages you to go ahead and try out simpler technical analysis strategies that are bound to deliver results more often than not. It also cautions you to avoid other strategies that may require a greater depth of knowledge of the subject before application can render gains. All in all, this book is a perfect place to start on your journey towards mastering the science-cum-art of technical analysisTechnical Analysis a€“ Applications Technical analysis can be used to analyse price movements in all asset classes, i.e. stocks, bonds, options, futures, commodities and many other forms of investment. This analysis can be used to identifyanbsp;...

Title:Technical Analysis Trading Making Money With Charts
Author:TV 18 Broadcast Ltd


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